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New to our website? Get answers to frequently asked questions here

Welcome to our state-of-the-art interactive website.

The Nuv Yug Cultural Organization is a 501-c-3 non-profit tax-exempt organization. A large number of people participate at its flagship event Nuv Yug India Fest each year in Raleigh and Charlotte North Carolina. Nuv Yug is probably the only organization in the world that offers over 2,500 stage performers a premier stage to showcase their talent. Nuv Yug uses an automated system for this mega production to seamlessly allow all stage performers to enjoy the experience! In addition, Nuv Yug has automated most other processes, such as vendor booth reservation, volunteer registration and performer trophy order, to reduce the need for manual processing of information. We hope that you will find it easy to navigate and interact with our website. We greatly appreciate your feedback. Please use the contact page to send us your feedback.

Please click on one of the following links to find information that is most relevant to you.

What does Nuv Yug do?

How to use this website?

How to register your group for a dance or music performance at Nuv Yug India Fest?

How to sign a waiver for participating at Nuv Yug India Fest?

How to rent booth space to sell Indian Traditional Crafts?

How to volunteer?

How to become a sponsor or advertise your business at Nuv Yug India Fest?

Have a question that is not answered on the this page? Please contact us.

What does Nuv Yug do?

The Nuv Yug Cultural Organization is a non-profit public charity (yes, all contributions are tax deduction eligible) with a mission to promote awareness of Indian Cultural Arts and to provide support to underprivileged or distressed people. You may read our mission on our home page. We provide a platform to local artists and enable them to showcase their talents for the benefit of the general public. Our focus is on K-12 students; and we welcome adults too. We provide participants an opportunity to develop a lifetime of learning various forms of dance and music from the Indian subcontinent. Our performers work hard to prepare for several months to audition. Auditions are held approx. 4-6 weeks before the festival. At auditions, each group is evaluated by a community of judges using our sophisticated online judging system. Selection decisions are announced within a few minutes of each audition performance. Nuv Yug IDOL audition and subsequent round results are announced at the end of each round. Starting in 2018, Charlotte auditions are held via YouTube video only and results are announced by the next day.

We do not provide dance or music classes. However, we work closely with a many dance schools and their teachers.

Utilizing an interactive website, Nuv Yug offers a high quality, efficient and consistent experience for all participants whether they are choreographers, stage performers, vendors, advertisers, sponsors, parents or volunteers. Read more about our website's capabilities in the following answers.

Starting with 2015, Nuv Yug India Fest process and system are also being utilized by Charlotte! A festival based on the same format can be organized at a new location by local community members. Our interactive website can be adapted to specific needs of any community. If you are interested in participating in this endeavor, please contact us. A team member will get in touch with you.

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How to use this website?

All interactive areas of this website require a Nuv Yug ID. If you don't have one, you can get it here. Nuv Yug ID is free and you get it within a few minutes in your email inbox. If it does not appear in your inbox within 30 minutes, please check your Junk mail folder. After you have received your Nuv Yug ID and a password, you may sign in to your Dashboard. Most functions are available from the Dashboard.

To create your Nuv Yug ID, you need to provide several key information about yourself such as a working email address, your birth month and year, and other contact information. A working email address is required for you to receive your initial password. You can change your password after you have logged in using the system provided password. Your birth month and year are required to determine whether you or your parent needs to sign the electronic waiver. An adult guardian or parent needs to sign a waiver for minor participants.

Please make sure that you provide accurate information during your Nuv Yug ID registration. We do not permit anonymous access to our system. We use sophisticated data analysis tools to determine whether a Nuv Yug ID has been created with fictitous information. All such Nuv Yug ID's are subject to be permanently locked in the system. We greatly appreciate your support and cooperation in this matter.

NOTE: Only adults are permitted to login. Parents are able to access relevant registration information for stage performance and volunteering for their minor children from their own (parent's) Nuv Yug ID. Parents may also manage all their children's Nuv Yug IDs from the Dashboard.

Registration and Management Features of Nuv Yug's Website

Stage Performances
  • Partcipant Registration
  • Partcipant Roles: Performer, Choreographer, etc.
  • Integrated Soundtrack / Music Upload
  • A Workflow System to apply rules and manage each registered item through various states
  • Management Functions: Audition and main festival Peformance Scheduling
  • Integrated Electronic Waiver
  • A barcode based system to track performer check-in at the festival.
  • Live schedule display at the festival
  • Each performer receives a personalized Email invitation containing their performance schedule for invitiing friends and family to watch their performance
  • Vendor Registration
  • A Workflow System to apply the rules and manage each registered vendor through various stages
  • Automated booth selection based on the floor layout map. The system shows all available booths of a category selected by user. After the user selects an available booth, the system allows 10 minutes to complete the transaction. Starting in 2022, we have transitioned to a new payment method. Please follow the instructions during the booth reservation process.
  • Management Functions: Payment tracking, approval process, etc.
  • Integrated Electronic Waiver
  • A barcode based system to track vendor check-in at the festival.
  • Volunteer Registration
  • Predefined Volunteer Shifts for various duties
  • A scheduling system allows volunteers to select one shift for one period.
  • Management Functions: Volunteer screening and approval
  • Integrated Electronic Waiver
  • A barcode based system to track volunteer check-in at the festival.
  • Sponsor Registration
  • Integrated Ad Copy Upload
  • Integrated Electronic Waiver
  • A Workflow System to support each registered sponsor's needs
  • Management Functions: Payment tracking, approval process, etc.

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How to register a dance or music performance?

Please note that Nuv Yug India Fest only provides a platform to those who wish to perform at Nuv Yug India Fest. We do not teach dance or music. If you are interested in performing at Nuv Yug India Fest but cannot to find a group that is able to accept you, we encourage you to start your own group.

A fully automated workflow system is used to manage your stage performance registration. Please read guidelines and steps to register your stage item before you start your registration process. To register, please sign in to your personal Dashboard and click on the I would like to submit a Stage Performance link.

Choreographers/Teachers: please note that if your group includes young (minor) performers, you need to ask their parents/guardians to register before their children can be registered. When registering a minor, a parent's Nuv Yug ID is required. In other words, for minor performers, first a parent needs to create his or her own Nuv Yug ID, and then the parent should create a Nuv Yug ID for the child. Then only the parent should sign a waiver. Our automated system keeps track of parent child relationships and applies waiver requirements only to parents.

We permit performers to participate in more than one dance or music item. We make every effort to schedule different performances by the same performer with sufficient gap between them. Therefore, it is very important that a performer uses the same Nuv Yug ID in all performance registrations. This process is completely automated. Therefore, we are not able to enterain requests to change schedule.

This website supports Nuv Yug India Fest at multiple locations. Please make sure you select your Nuv Yug India Fest location correctly before registering your dance or music performance. If you would like to register performances at multiple locations, simply change your location from the Home page and access your Dashboard for that specific location of Nuv Yug India Fest.

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How to sign a waiver?

All performers, vendors, volunteers, and sponsors need to provide an electronically signed waiver in order to participate in Nuv Yug India Fest. You will need to have a Nuv Yug ID before you can sign a waiver. If you don't have one, please get it here.

Our process requires that parents or guardians of minor participants register for a Nuv Yug ID for themselves first. Then they can register their minor child(ren).

You may sign the waiver by signing into your personal Dashboard. Please sign your waiver only after you have obtained a Nuv Yug ID for all your children. A correctly signed waiver will show the names of all children you are supposed to sign the waiver for. Please verify that your waiver shows you the names of all your children. If you register another minor performer after you have signed your waiver, you will need to sign the waiver again. If you have pending waivers, your Dashboard will show the number of pending waivers next to the Waivers link on your Dashboard.

Please note that minor performers cannot login or sign a waiver. An adult registered as their parent will need to sign it.

Remember a waiver can be signed only electronically. There are no paper forms to sign.

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How to rent a booth?

Each year, Nuv Yug India Fest attracts vendors from as far as New York and Florida. A Nuv Yug ID is required to register your booth. Vendor booths are invited for selling Traditional Crafts, Cultural Cuisine, Precious Jewelry, etc. In addition, we accept a limited number of Business Information booths. All registrations are offered on first come first basis only. Due to limited floor space, different types of booth sell out at different times.

To avoid disappointment, we encourage our vendors to register early. Prices for different types of booths vary. In addition, we offer early registration discounts. Please note that prices for various booths are fixed. These prices are automatically increased by our system as the deadline for early registration discount expires. We are unable to offer different terms from what are documented on our guidelines. Please read these guidelines before starting your booth registration. To start the registration process, you will need to sign in to your personal Dashboard and click on the I would like to rent a Vendor Booth link.

Starting with 2015, you may register for booths at multiple locations. Remember to select booth at correct location when registering. You can manage all booth registrations from the same Dashboard. Special discount may be available for registering booths at multiple locations.

Due to high demand and limited space, some types of booths sell out within a few days after we open the registration. Please sign up for our mailing list and respond promptly to ensure you get a booth of your choice. Join our mailing list here.

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How to volunteer at Nuv Yug India Fest?

Nuv Yug's automated system offers an easy registration process to volunteers. Please read volunteer guidelines here. This system will allow you to select specific shifts. All duties are explained in detail in the aforementioned guidelines. Please read these guidelines before starting your volunteer shift registration. To start the registration process, you will need to sign in to your personal Dashboard and click on the I would like to Volunteer link. NOTE: A parent must login to register a minor child's volunteer shift.

To volunteer for Nuv Yug India Fest at different locations, simply change your location from the Home page and register for desired shifts at selected location.

Nuv Yug provides a certificate to volunteers who ask for it.

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How to become a sponsor or advertise your business at Nuv Yug India Fest?

You may become a sponsor or advertise your business at Nuv Yug India Fest using one of the following options:

Program Book or Online Advertisement: We print several thousand program books for each Nuv Yug India Fest. The program book contains the details of each stage performance with the names of all performers. It has a long shelf life since many families save it as a souvenier. The Sponors section in our automated system can be used to register your advertisements. After your have registered your ad, you may also upload your print ready ad via our website. You may also register your Online ads using the same system. Rates for these ads vary. Please refer to the sponsorship guidelines for more information. You may click on the Sponsor section of your Dashboard to access this system.

Business Information Booth: These booths are available for online registration in the "I would like to rent a Vendor Booth" link of your Dashboard. Please read Vendor guidelines for rules regarding these booths. You may register for multiple locations from the same dashboard.

Sponsorship Opportunity: For additional benefits, we invite you to become a sponsor of Nuv Yug India Fest. Please read more about sponsorship opportunities here or contact us for more information. You may register for multiple locations from the same dashboard.

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Non-Discrimination Policy
Nuv Yug does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, national origin, religion, age, marital status, any disability, sexual orientation or veteran status in its programs or employment.

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