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Nuv Yug India Fest

Raleigh, NC
March 22

Sat. March 29
Marvin Ridge High School, Waxhaw (South Charlotte Suburb) NC

Stage Program Guidelines

Charlotte will hold online auditions only.
The deadline to provide a YouTube video is midnight before Saturday, March 1.

All performers need to purchase an admission ticket.
2-Day advance tickets can be purchased online from the Dashboard or at the gate for $6 each.

> Deadline

Stage performance items are accepted for audition on a first come first served basis. Nuv Yug reserves the right to close registration for any type of performance at any time. Your items must be in Ready to Audition state before the committee will consider your item for audition. Items showing Incomplete or Wait Listed status are not considered for audition. Please read the following carefully to submit your item for review by the committee.

Please do not wait for the last minute to submit your item to avoid disappointment.

> The Stage Program Guidelines

For several years, over 1,000 performers have shared the stage during the festival. Nuv Yug has formulated these guidelines to help us consistently apply these rules to all performers. Based on our experience, these rules take into account most common situations. However, the Stage Program Committee reserves the right to modify these rules at any time at its sole discretion.

Stage Performance Registration Steps are described here

To manage a large number of participants, Nuv Yug's stage performance registration process is completely online and described here.

> Charlotte Auditions - Saturday, March 1, 2025

To ensure that all items meet certain artistic merit, auditions will be held a few weeks before the main festival.
  1. Only online auditions will be held. Each group is required to submit a link to their audition video during item registration.
  2. Each group needs to showcase at least 2 minutes of their performance. If performing a medley, please showcase at least 45 seconds of the subsequent song i.e the song immediately after the 1st song.
  3. The committee expects all participants of your group to be present for the auditions. Groups with missing performers may be assigned lower priority in selection.
  4. You must provide a picture of the actual or a sample costume via email ahead of time to show it to the committee. No exceptions please.
  5. One of the participants must wear the costume too. If the committee is not satisfied with the video they will contact you with further steps.
  6. Participation in the audition does not guarantee the selection of your group to perform at Nuv Yug India Fest.

> The Selection Process for in-person auditions - N/A for Raleigh and Charlotte

  • All adult choreographers and teachers (21 and above) required to judge at least ten items except their own. Nuv Yug's online judging system will automatically calculate each group's score based on an averaging formula which discards outlier scores by any judge. For example, if a group receives very high scores from most judges and you give very poor score to the same group, the judging system will automatically discard your score for this group.
  • All adult choreographers and teachers are requested to bring a laptop or iPAD with WiFi capability to the audition. They will be provided access to the judging system at the audition.Groups belonging to choreographers who choose not to audition any group will receive lower priority in the selection process.
  • During the audition, committee members and a group of choreographers will score items using the online judging system. Only up to five most recently performed items can be scored by a judge. Scores for an item can be revised by a judge during this time. An item's scores are locked after five more groups have auditioned. The judging system will lock all scores within fifteen minutes after the end of all auditions.
  • Each performance will be evaluated on costumes, choreography, performance quality, and technical merit.
  • The festival performance timeslots assigned to each group will be communicated to each group within two weeks after the audition.
  • It is your responsibility to inform the Stage Program Committee of any significant changes in your item after it has been auditioned. If you fail to notify the committee of significant changes in your item, it may be disqualified from participating at Nuv Yug India Fest.
  • The Stage Program Committee is the final authority in this process.

> Trophy Order

  • In person auditions - Trophies may be ordered only on the audition day after your group has been selected. As soon as all judges have entered a score for your group, our online system will make a decision and it will be displayed on a large screen.
  • Online auditions - Trophies may be ordered online after you have been notified that your item has been selected.

> Stage Description

Size 48’ wide x 40’ deep
The stage will be 4’ high and will have a black backdrop. The stage will be open from three sides. There will be one entrance from each side of the stage via 4-5 steps. There are two entry / exit steps near the back of stage on either side. Your group may utilize entry / exit steps to enter the stage before or after the soundtrack starts to play. Please correctly identify this selection (Before or After) when you register your item.

During audition and festival performance, the stage will be marked as explained on this page. Please use these markers for your practice as well. Your group's adherence to these markers will be noted during scoring.

> Stage Performance Types, Age, Group Size and Time Limits

The following performance types are invited. Your performance must comply with group restrictions and time limits. Items that do not comply with these rules must be approved by the committee in advance. Please contact a committee member, if you have questions.

Item Type Duration Limit Age Group Group Size
Classical Group Dance 6 minutes All Age Groups Minimum 4
Folk or Modern Group Dance 5 minutes All Age Groups Minimum 5
  • Please note the time allowed for an item. Please make sure that your item complies with the new duration limits stated above.
  • Only a limited number of items will be accommodated in each category at sole discretion of the Stage Program Committee.
  • We recommend that for groups with performers of age 14 and younger, the age difference with the youngest performer and the oldest performer is not more than 4 years. For example, you can have groups ages 5-9, 7-11 or 9-13. Groups not following this recommendation (e.g. a group consists of adults and 8 year olds) may receive lower scores and will be at a disadvantage during performance scheduling.

> Dance Performance Guidelines

  • A participant/performer can perform in at most 3 performances in total on both days.
  • While registering your performance, dance school/ group name is accepted in the "Title" section only if it is a non-profit dance school/group. The committee reserves the right to modify or remove the group name or title of your item.
  • Dance numbers should be elaborately choreographed and well rehearsed.
  • Several different songs or dances can be combined to form a medley, but the audio transition must be smooth and the total time for the performance may not exceed the specified limit.
  • The performance should move smoothly such that one segment flows into another.
  • Please make sure that all choreography is age appropriate.
  • Dancers should face all sections of the audience during the presentation.
  • IMPORTANT! Keep spacing even and utilize all dancers in the group equally.
  • There are no curtains on the stage so the dance should be choreographed to include onstage beginning and end or entrance and exit should be incorporated into the performance. This is a very important aspect of the performance!!
  • Display spirit, enthusiasm, and awareness of audience during the presentation.
  • Smile!

> Nuv Yug Idol

Nuv Yug Idol contest has been discontinued.

> Costume Guidelines

  • Appropriate costume should be worn for dance performance. It should reflect the dance category.
  • Any costume that is body revealing will not be allowed.
  • Costumes should be selected in accordance to the performance.
  • The committee makes the final decision regarding appropriateness of costumes.
  • Emphasis should be on costumes, accessories, footwear and props as applicable.
  • Each group must show their costumes on the audition day to be approved by the committee.

> Music Submission Process

  • We do not accept CD's. We accept only mp3 format files which must be submitted online on our website.
  • Most mp3 files can be successfully uploaded to our website using the registration upload facility. However, files larger than 9 MB may not upload successfully.
  • Please make every effort to convert your music file to mp3 format which usually fits within the 9 MB upload file size limit for our website.
  • If you experience repeated problems with uploading your file, please send your music file to the following email id:
  • To ensure the quality of sound, digitally recorded music is preferred as it provides better quality sound in the arena.
  • If a sound quality is not acceptable, a new soundtrack will be needed before your group can be scheduled for performance. No performances will be scheduled until the Committee has approved a satisfactory soundtrack. Please make sure that there is no violation of copyrighted material.

> Announcement Script Guidelines

  • You are expected to provide the announcement script for your item during your online registration process.
  • Qualified MCs will introduce your item using the announcement script you provide. Please do not present exact duplication of any copyrighted material.

> No Rehearsals!

  • No rehearsals will be held. Please refer to this page for a description of the stage and plan your choreography accordingly for auditions and main stage performance.

> On the Performance Day

  • Please be aware of the traffic congestion near festival venue on weekends! Plan to arrive 60 minutes before your scheduled time on the day of the performance and 30 minutes before your scheduled time on the audition day.
  • Performers should meet backstage before their performance.
  • Each group must check-in with the stage coordinator 30 minutes before the performance time.
  • Please keep your performers in the backstage area between check-in and performance time.
  • All performers are expected to be backstage and ready to perform 15 minutes before the scheduled performance time.

> Please Remember!

  • The music must be submitted by Sunday before the Audition Day. The announcement script may be submitted via web at a later date.
  • The online registration system keeps track of performers participating in multiple items and provides sufficient gaps between different performances of a performer. Due to a large number of participants, it is not possible to accommodate schedule change requests for any reason from groups which have performers in multiple items.
  • No confetti, gulal powder or other articles should be used on the stage, which cannot be picked up by the participants as they exit. Please ensure that the stage is ready to be used for the next performance upon your group's exit and that no articles are left behind. Each group is allocated a total of 90 seconds for entry and exit.
  • Regardless of how harmless they may be, no articles should be thrown at the audience.
  • Performers are encouraged to bow to the audience before exiting the stage.
  • Remember your first and foremost objective is to have fun! Please let the committee know, if we can help you in any way!!

> Stage Program Committee

The Stage Program Committee is responsible for selecting items and ensuring compliance with our guidelines. The committee is present to provide any assistance and guidance as required. If you have questions, please contact any committee member.

Charlotte Pritika De (980) 313-3975 nuvyugcc@gmail.com
Raleigh Richa Kapoor (919) 578-8444 cultural@nuvyug.net

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