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COVID-19 Update


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Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions on large in-person events, Nuv Yug presents a series of live events online starting mid November. The online events consist of live and pre-recorded dance and music from India and presented from a live studio! The event is free for the public to perform or watch. Free online registration is required for performers. The Cultural Committee will select performers for each show.

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Tentative Charlotte Nuv Yug LIVE dates are as follows. Please call (980) 313-3975 for more information.

Show #1: SUN 15 NOV 2020
Show #2: SUN 13 DEC 2020
Show #3: SUN 28 MAR 2021 at 5 PM

Nuv Yug Live! Performer Guidelines

  1. Group dance/song: performers should be 8 yrs and above. Solo/duet: 16yrs and above. When registering, please use the Category description to specify whether you are performing live or providing a pre-recorded video of the performance.
  2. Time Limit: Upto 4mins for group/duet dance entries and vocal entry. Solo - 2.5mins. Classical - 5mins.
  3. Depending upon performer interest level, the committee may limit the number of performances from a choreographer in any given show to allow more people to perform.
  4. Take the time to create a dedicated space to hold your performance, either indoors or outdoors, with good lighting. Coach all participants to frame themselves in their camera and keep backgrounds uncluttered and free from distracting items.
  5. Remember that virtual performances are not merely Zoom recordings of students performing. Rather, they are a unique genre and Nuv Yug challenges you to be creative. Solo videos stitched up together are acceptable as long as they are well edited and professional looking. Pre-recorded videos should have been created only during the pandemic. Please film horizontally (landscape).
  6. Performers should be in coordinated costume and makeup appropriate for the dance.
  7. Use a good audio system to play music for live performances. Please avoid playing music through laptop, cell phone, ipads, etc., and keep it in the vicinity of the microphone.
  8. Each location's committee reserves the right to select performances based on additional requirements.
  9. Nuv Yug reserves the right to use any photo or video recording of a participants' performance for promotional purposes, restrict the number of times an item may perform, and to refuse any registration by anyone at its discretion.

Please make sure your performances are family friendly! Best wishes as you rock whatever stage you are on.


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Non-Discrimination Policy
Nuv Yug does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, national origin, religion, age, marital status, any disability, sexual orientation or veteran status in its programs or employment.

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